Music Seminar Notes

1)enthusiasm -The spark in any plan, action or interaction, without it things are usually done poorly or not at all.

2)hard work-With a population of  7.7 billion chances are there will be competition in anything you attempt, however hard work beats raw talent every time.

3)consistency-Often overlooked, consistency is key to building momentum. On social media and IRL consistency make you better in your craft and generates interests from others. 

4)patience-Anything worthwhile is going to take time. Sticking to a plan while simultaneously adjusting for unforeseen circumstances is key to long term success.     


1. music production/songwriting -YouTube tutorials, (Busy Works Beats, Mai, The Producer School)Songwriting Tips: Write off of a chord progression, create a storyline, tap into your own experiences & feelings, listen to music that inspires you.Mixing and mastering is similar to baking a cake. In the mix, you are getting your sounds together in the right proportions & locations, in the master you are baking them into a cohesive, professionally sounding record. 

2. distribution (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, YouTube Music, Pandora) Distrokid, Tunecore, CDBABY, Ditto Music. 

3. driving traffic - using content and/or paid ads you can drive an enormous number of people to just about anything you can imagine, an e-store (Shopify, Zazzle, Wix, Beatstars, FineArtAmerica) your music (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) a crowdfunding site (Indigogo, GoFundMe, Patreon)

4. collaboration with bigger artists-a great way to grow your fanbase and evolve as an artist. You can find major artist to collaborate with on social media, via their booking manager or record label.  

5. agencies and management- anyone will see results from driving traffic with paid ads, however, a digital marketing agency will utilize strategies and tricks that will maximize the amount of traffic going to your content.

6. llc formation-the foundation of your creative business, you can get an LLC filed a variety of ways including visiting an attorney, Legal, & by filing your own incorporation statement with your State. An LLC can have its own assets and bank account. It can sign leases, loan documents and other types of contracts, and it can file a lawsuit or be sued.

7. pr/blogs-an excellent way to build your artistic narrative, gain a fanbase, and establish a web presence outside of your personal website and social media. Press Release Sites such as Newswire, Ein,& Cision can reach millions. Similarly, blogs that specialize in your genre can do wonders for your music career. Some great publicist companies are Dotted Oranges & One Percent PR. 

8. booking shows-daunting at first, getting comfortable booking your own gigs and events can make you a fulltime artist in a short period of time. You can get a Pro booking directory from a variety of sites, I use publishing-music publishing income is an essential part of music creators' long-term financial success. Companies like BroadJam, Music Xray & Modern offer tons of music publishing opportunities. Also, services such as Silver Screen Musician will submit your music to publishing companies on your behalf. Finally, prolific music producer Gummy Beats who has over 3500 music publishing placements on tv and film is always looking to collaborate10. the importance of starting ASAP-Anything is possible but everything takes time. Will you have the time to complete your goals? 

10. 52 Weeks Till Freedom

11. Cash App Investing


13. Podcasts about people who lead great lives

14. Positive Affirmations


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